Book at the campsite’s desk a walk in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel

During your stay in Lez-Eaux campsite, between Normandy and Britany, you should go hiking with a guide in the quicksands and meet the local flora and fauna. The greatest tides in Europe take place in the bay of Mont saint Michel. In the past, it was a place of pilgrimage. Nowadays, it has become the second place of visit of France and is classified as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Useful information : Hiking times, tides, booking…

The campsite is partner with Chemins de la Baie, and book your guide for you.

Please come up at the main reception of the campsite and we will help about crossing times and be able to book for you you walk in the bay of Mont saint Michel. We can advise about the different possibilities from the Mount, the beach or La pointe du Grouin.

You will be given a voucher at the réception for the guide.

Note :

  • You have to present yourself to the guide 30 minutes before the time departure.
  • Dogs are allowed but have to be hold with a lead. Be aware that you will have to carry them to cross 2 rivers.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the bus.

Where is the meeting point ?

Meeting place at Le Bec d’Andaine

Mont Saint Michel - Vains

Le Bec d’Andaine is a beach located at a 25 minutes drive from the campsite.

Once you are arrived in the village Genêts, follow the signs to “Bec d’Andaine”.

There is a parking for your car.

Meeting place in the Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Mickeal is a 45 minutes’ drive from Lez Eaux.

Once you arrive at the parking (14€20 for a car / 17€80 for a motorhome), join the information centre where you could catch a free shuttle to the Mount.

When you are arrived and face Mont Saint Michel, the guide is waiting for you a the entrance « Les Fanils”, 50 metres on the left of the main entrance.

You should add 30 minutes to you route (parking + shuttle time) to arrive in time.

Meeting in Vains / Saint Léonard

Vains – Saint Léonard is is a 35 minutes’ drive from Lez Eaux.

To find the meeting point, follow the signs « départ traversées » once your are in Saint Léonard. There is a free grass parking for your car. The guide wears a « Chemins de la Baie » flag on his / her bag pack.

What should I bring ?

informations pratiques mont saint michel

A walk crossing in the bay of Mont Saint Michel requires a few anticipations

  • Wearing a short
  • Bring a windbreaker
  • A bagpack where you will put your shoes
  • Water
  • Lunch or picnic depending ot the time and last of the walk
  • A towel
  • A hat and sunglasses
  • Suncream !

About 10 different walks are suggested. The most popular are « La traversée des grèves » et « the torch walk »

Traditional crossings departing from the coast toward Mont Saint Michel

Commented walks :

  • 8,5 miles round trip Aller – about 6 hours
  • 4,5 miles walk with return by bus  – between 5h30 and 7h30

Not commented walks :

  • 8,5 miles round trip Aller – about 5 hours
  • 4,5 miles walk with return by bus  – between 5h and 7h30

Please remind that dogs are not allowed in the bus.

Guided crossings departing from Mont Saint Michel

  • Small walk in the bay – 1,8miles – about 2h30
  • High tides in – 1,8 miles – about 3h
  • On the Marquis of Tombelaine’s steps – 4 miles – about 3h30
  • On the Marquis of Tombelaine’s steps + free visit of the abbey – 4 miles – about 3h30

Unusual walks in the Bay

  • Hiking by night – 8,5 miles – about 5h
  • A getaway to Tombelaine – 4,5miles – about 3h
  • Off tracks hike – 10 miles – about 6h15
  • Early morning hike – 8,5 miles – about 5h15

Playful walks for children in the bay of Mount Saint Michel.

  • Chemin des Pastoureaux – 4,5miles – between 3h30 an 4 hours
  • Seaside treasure : – 2 miles– about 2h
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