Day visits between Normandy and Brittany, Bay of Mont Saint Michel

Lez Eaux have selected the best excursions for your discovery of Normandy. From the Airborne D-Day museum, to the liberty memorial, you will be also advised about leisure parks, gastonomy, Norman monuments and the seaside.

Museums and memorials of the D-Day landing beaches.

D-Day landing beaches

There are several options to visit : freely, mini train, with a guide… Lez eaux team is here to advise about the best way to visit these historical and emotional places and the wonderful natural heritage around.

From Lez Eaux, the closest D-day beach is Utah Beach. Going to Utah Beach is also the occasion to discover the pretty villages of the Cotentin such as Saint Vaast la Hougue or merely enjoy and sunbath on the splendid beaches for the adults, playing for children. You should already stop in Sainte Mère Eglise where you will sight the reproduction of the sadly famous parachutist who landed on the bell tower of the church during WW2. When you will keep going along the Norman coast towards the other D-Day beaches make a stop at : Omaha Beach and the biggest American cemetery in Colleville sur mer, Sword Beach, Juno Beach and eventually Gold Beach. You will notice that the Normandy battle marked the landscape, from villages to villages traces of the battles are everywhere in these peaceful villages today.

Museums about the Mount Saint Michael’s bay and the Norman traditions.

Museum dealing with the Mount Saint Michel are so numerous: inside and outside the mount you will learn about art, religion, history and ecology.

Ancient traditions are related in the pottery museum, in Barbey d’Aurévilly’s museum in the Norman bocage museum or in the Farm-museum of the Cotentin as well.

La Cité de la mer in Cherbourg and the sea museum in Tahitou are two excellent occasions to discover the sea world.

Among the museums about the D-Day, we advise:

  • Airborne Museum in Sainte Mère église
  • Overlord Museum in Colleville sur mer (close to the American cemetery)
  • memorial de la liberté retrouvée in Quinéville where you will walk in the paths of the inhabitants in the human-scale reconstructed Norman village of WW2
  • The 360° à Arromanches Circular cinema is also an interesting visit for adults and children.

Others historical WW2 places not to miss:

  • the D-Day Museum in Arromanches
  • Utah Beach landing museum
  • Azeville battery.

We also suggest to visit the Colleville American cemetery and La chapelle en Juger German cemetery. End up your trip with Caen Memorial or visiting the pretty Middle-adge town Bayeux which was the first town released by the allies.Airborne Museum à Sainte Mère église

Overlord Museum à Colleville sur mer (proche du cimetière américain)

Le mémorial de la liberté retrouvée à Quinéville ou vous partirez sur les chemins de la vie à l’époque de l’occupation car ce musée en une reconstitution à échelle humaine d’un village Normand pendant la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale.

Le cinéma circulaire 360° à Arromanches est aussi une sortie idéale pour mêler Histoire et découverte pour les parents et les enfants.

D-Day Museum d’Arromanches

Le Mémorial de Caen

La Manche historical and religious heritage.

The historical heritage in Normandy is so wide. Let’s start with the invoidable Mont Saint Michel and its Abbey. Lez Eaux has all the information about the access to the Mount

On the countrysides roads around the campsite you could discover the abbeys in Hambye, Lessay or La Lucerne. Do not miss the unique Cathedral of La Manche in Coutances and the great organ in the church Notre dame of Carentan.

Most famous castles are in Saint Sauveur le Vicomte, Toqueville and Gratot. Normandy is proud of her mills like the watermill in Moidrey and Réthoville and the Cotentin windmill in Fierville.

Are not to be missed the corsair town Saint Malo and the Tatihou Vauban Fort in Saint Vaast la Hougue.

How to take the most of the seaside in Normandy ?

You should trying fishing ! Saint Pair sur mer Information Center organises initiation to shore fishing on foot, you can also discover the line fishing in the Channel sea or in the Norman bocage.

Visit our prettiest harbours in Saint Vaast la Hougue, Portbail, Barneville Carteret, Diélette and Granville.

What about dabbling watersports ? landsailing, paddling, kayaking in Chausey, catamaran… Or from the sky paragliding over Granville or the bay of Mont Saint Michel.

Booking a while in advance, you can have the opportunity to have a ride on the world wide famous sailboats: le Marité, la Granvillaise or le Lys noir. We also recommend to visit Chausey, Jersey and Guernesey islands. The shuttle leaves from Granville.

Towns and villages: shopping, walking and hiking.

Among the most beautiful towns around are Granville, Saint Malo, Dinard, Cancale and Dinan.

The most beautiful islands: Tatihou, Chausey, Jersey et Guernesey.

Hikers will more than pleased in the Bay of Mont saint Michel thanks to Saint Michel pilgrimages routes which browse hundreds kilometres. Near Champeaux cliffs is the most beautiful mile of France. We also recommend booking a guided crossing in the sand of the Bay. You will find at the reception many maps to go walking in the countryside around the campsite or going to the beach.

Family leisure and relaxing activities in Normandy

Take the most of your holidays spending a day visiting the world wide animals at the zoo in Champrepus. It’s 20 minutes driving from the site and tickets are cheapest at the reception. On the journey to Caen is Jurques zoo. A few kilometres from the site visit and take part to goat cares in a farm.

If you want to share a family day in an amusment park we suggest nature parks like Forest adventure, treetop adventure park or strong sensations at la Souleuvre. For a day games parks choose between Festyland or l’ange Michel park.

Kids will love visiting the great aquarium in Saint Malo, teenagers the Ludiver Planetarium and la Cité de la mer in Cherbourg.

How not to take the most of Normandy without tasting and visiting the local products manufactures?

Let’s visit the farms: goat products, cider… The farmers will be pleased to show their work and to sell their products; and discover local shops and manufactures: camembert REO, la maison du biscuit, salted butter toffees, Mont Saint Michel workshop…

 After a rich sighseeing day in the heart of Normandy, join your accommodation in the castle domain of Lez Eaux, our evening outings ideas and prepare your visits in family for the day after !

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