Cité de la mer | Tickets for sale on the campsite Lez Eaux

Across from Bornemouth and Porthsmouth is Cherbourg, in the North of the Normandy Channel. La “Cité de la Mer” in Cherbourg offers an adventure in the heart of seas and oceans. The visit is amazing for children and adults: an aquarium, an educational visit and the fascinating submarine Le Redoutable.

Practical information : opening times, tickets, rate…

Where should I buy La cité de la mer tickets?

Please come up directly to the campsite main reception, you will benefit special price on your tickets plus you could skip the line at the entrance.

  • Adults tickets : 17€50 (2020) instead of 19€
  • Children tickets (12 to 17) : 10€50 (2020) instead of 14€
  • Free for children under 5.*

* Be aware that the submarine is allowed from 5 years old.

How do we get to La Cité de la mer in Cherbourg ?

La Cité de la Mer is in the north of la Manche or 1h45 from the campsite. You should leave for the day so that you can visit the aquarium and the town. Cherbourg is told «the edge of the world town ».

Address :
Cité de la Mer : Gare maritime Transatlantique 50100 Cherbourg en Cotentin

There is a parking on the harbour.

What will we see in La Cité de la mer?

Must-sees / must do’s

There is a lot to do in La Cité de la mer ! You will travel through 6 areas. The visit lasts usually between 4 and 5 hours.« L’océan du futur » : nouveauté 2019 : 3 étages d’espaces multimédias et des aquariums éblouissants de couleur et de vie.

  •  « The ocean of the future »: 2019 novelty: 3 stairs with digital areas, amazing aquariums with bright colours and stunning animals.
  • « The Great Gallery of men and machines ». discover these extraordinary machines in which men left for an adventure in the deep oceans such as the French Nautile (Titanic discovery).
  • Permanent exhibition: « Cherbourg 1944 … freedom came from the sea» 
  • Board the submarine « Le Redoutable » for real. It has been the first nuclear submarine.
  • Titanic: Live the last hours on board through films, reconstructed rooms, historical visits…
  • « Walking into the depths » is a virtual ride in which you are the hero!

Where to eat ?

  • Restaurant « Le Quai des mers » in inside the building. To book: +332.
  • Snack / bar « Le ruban bleu » in the great hall: salads, sandwiches, ice creams….
  • There is a picnic area if you want to bring your picnic.
  • You are also allowed to go out the museum and come back later in the same day.

Should we buy gifts ?

There is a gift shop inside the building with souvenirs, collectibles, models of Le Redoutable, books, local products, etc.

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