An easy and unique mean of payment for all you purchases at Lez Eaux

Lez Eaux card: a unique means of payment overall the site.

For easier and more pleasant holidays you will find on the campsite many useful services.

At the reception which is opened all the day long, you will be able to buy the ticket for your visits in Normandy, to rent bikes and the tennis court, change money or buy stamps also.

Collect your bread, pains au chocolat and croissants every morning (do not forget to order it the day before in low season), food, souvenirs, swimming trunks and tabacco.

Enjoy the terrace of the bar and the take-aways every night for the aperitif and dinner.

Lez Eaux campsite offers a means of payment to use for all these services. That’s make the holidays simpler.

With the card Lez-Eaux, it’s not necessary to have cash money, it’s free you just have to ask for it

Flexible to use, merely subscribe it at the reception and pay before the departure. Free, the card is usable at the shop, take-aways, bar and activities.

Subscriptions conditions: The card is not assignable or transferable. It is strictly personal to the person who subscribes the card or legal representative. In case of lost or stolen, you are committed to inform immediately the reception. Before this statement, le Château de Lez-Eaux cannot be held responsible for any purchase made with the card. The Lez-Eaux card is subject to a credit-card imprint and a copy of the identity card of the contractor. In case of non-return of the card or overrun of the initial amount, the amount of purchases would be withdrawn on this credit-card.

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